NUREMBERG, GERMANY—People don't traditionally think of big EDA companies when they stroll around big exhibitions like Embedded World. But the embedded systems engineering world today is different than it was 10 or 15 years ago, according to Frank Schirrmeister, product manager with Cadence.

Schirrmeister and I sat at the Cadence booth here in late February to discuss embedded design trends and the evolution of design automation companies to address engineering needs.

Schirrmeister identified five "mega trends," as he called them, four of them revolving around the automobile: 

  • The networked car
  • The consumerization of automotive electronics
  • Electronics and software "under the hood"
  • The automobile as an Internet of Things (IoT) node, and  
  • The larger embedded security challenge

Here's Schirrmeister giving us the deep dive on these and other embedded systems design topics:


Brian Fuller

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