I've been blogging a lot about Assura recently, so I thought I would continue by talking about rule decks. 

Inside Cadence, we maintain a database that shows which foundries support which process for which products.  This means that we can quickly give you an answer if you are considering using a new process or foundry, and you want to know whether Assura is supported.  Your friendly local Cadence physical verification AE has access to this information and should be able to answer your questions about rule deck support. 

Our Assura R&D team is constantly working with the foundries to help update existing rule decks and create new ones.  But with all due respect to our foundry partners, their field support teams are not always aware of the latest efforts on rule deck creation and support. 

Of course, it's important to check the status of Assura support with your foundry.  This has the added benefit to Cadence that it lets them know that you're using Assura.  But please also double-check with your Cadence AE, who can ping me to make sure that you're getting the latest information.