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BARCELONA, SPAIN—The idea emerged during a game. That's how Markus Meixner describes the inspiration for his augmented reality technology and his company, ViewAR. He was playing a "small game" genre called AR tower defense, which uses some 3D technologies, when he realized the images in the game could be anything—an apartment, a piece of furniture, or anything. 
That was nearly four years ago. Today ViewAR is an 11-person Vienna-based firm that has created a 3D visualization system "in order to visualize purchasable goods, whether it's a customer who wants to visualize balconies on a house, a pool company, a carpet company," Meixner said during an interview at Mobile World Congress 2014. 
Meixner walked me through his technology—and his inspiration—at the big Imagination Technologies booth here at MWC:


Brian Fuller

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