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Hi All,

I have a question on using awvSaveToCSV function. When I am running corners, the csv file keeps getting overwritten as I write the expression as awvSaveToCSV(data "result.csv").

Is there a way to set the filename of the csv with a variable? Specifically, I learned that I could get the corner name of current sweep using axlGetCornerNameForCurrentPointInRun(). I am hoping that I could combine the two expressions so that I could do something like awvSaveToCSV(data "axlGetCornerNameForCurrentPointInRun().csv").

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestion.



  • awvSaveToCSV(data strcat(axlGetCornerNameForCurrentPointInRun() ".csv"))

    Note that this is fine if you're just sweeping corners - if you're doing variable sweeps you might need a different strategy, but maybe this is OK. Another approach might be to save into the PSF directory for each simulation point, and so then you could use:

    awvSaveToCSV(data strcat(asiGetPsfDir(asiGetCurrentSession()) "/result.csv"))


  • Thank you Andrew. strcat is what I am looking for.