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Integrated Phase Noise in dBc


Im trying to measure the phase noise of my driven clock circuit. 
After following the tutorials from Cadence, Im doing PSS analysis followed by PNOISE analysis with time-averaged option for pahse noise. I am able to get the phase noise plot which is in dBc/Hz curve in log scale. 

From here, Im able to use marker to get the Noise Flooe in dBc/Hz after the curve flattens. 

Problem Statement : How can I measure integrated phase noise in dBc for defined integration limits ? 

Case1 : to get the curve to calculator and find the area under the curve mathematically. Can anyone help me how to do it? 

Case2 : Im using Printed Noise Summary to get integrated Noise but it has only V2 and V units but I need it in dBc. Can anyone help me how to do this? 

Its a bit urgent, looking forward to your response.

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