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Change the default ADE-L window size in IC6.1.5?

I'm using IC6.1.5 and I've added a custom menu to the ADE-L window, but now some of the menu choices are hidden (a little >> indicator shows next to the Cadence logo) and if the window size is expanded slightly all the menu choices become visible.  I've tried to figure out from which file the default ADE-L window size/position (view) is controlled, but I didn't find it.  I know there's a menu choice (Session->Restore Default View) that always returns the window to a default size and position, but where do I change the settings that are accessed by that command?

Note that there seems to be 2 competing/conflicting window position settings and I'm guessing this also applies to window size.  The  Session->Restore Default View moves the window postion back to the left of my screen, whereas the "asimenv.window" "x" and "y" settings I have in my .cdsinit position it near the center and this is where it opens initially and where Session->Options... window location defaults place the ADE-L GUI.  But the "asimenv.window" "width" setting I have in my .cdsinit is being ignored, so I'm guessing the competing value used by Session->Restore Default View is winning out.

Also note that there is Cadence Solution 11836580 which deals with the ADE-L window size and position, but Session->Restore Default View still moves the GUI elsewhere, and I really want the ability to change the numbers accessed by the Session->Restore Default View command.

  • The size is hardcoded. CCR 798438 was filed asking for cdsenv control over this - so you  might want to contact customer support to ask for a duplicate CCR to be filed to increase the likelihood of this being implemented sooner rather than later. Currently the enhancement is not planned - that will be reconsidered in a future planning phase though.

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