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How do I EM-Extract a subcircuit and define a different em/drawing-layer than the original circuit in AWR?

Hello all,

I have a 4-layer project in AWR/MWOffice and have built a parameterized microstrip inductor schematic (named "spiral") with a "Line Type" of layer1 that I wish to reuse on another schematic as a subcircuit (SUBCKT) on layers 1,2,4.

When I place "spiral" as a subcircuit on another schematic ("sch1") and assign that SUBCKT shape's "Line Type" to be different than "spiral" was drawn, EM extraction puts it on the layer where "spiral" was drawn, not where the SUBCKT is drawn.

(By "drawn" I mean right-click the shape in Layout View, select Shape Properties, and select the "Line Type" in the "Layout" tab; I know my EM layer mappings are correct because I can change the line type of "spiral" and EM extraction puts it in that em-layer, but let me know if there is an LPF trick I should try since I can't get multiple SUBCKT's to extract into different layers).

Strangely, the drawing shape color/pattern that I assigned for layer1 always shows in "sch1" even though the SUBCKT element line-types are set to layers 1,2,4. However, if I right-click on each SUBCKT's shape properties, each SUBCKT's "Line Type" is shown correctly. Here are the details:

  • The microstrip schematic ("spiral") layout is all drawn on layer1
  • Another schematic ("sch1") has the following subcircuits:
    • SUBCKT S1: NET="spiral", shape layer=layer1
    • SUBCKT S2: NET="spiral", shape layer=layer2
    • SUBCKT S3: NET="spiral", shape layer=layer4

Is there a way to reuse my "spiral" subcircuit on different drawing layers so that it shows correctly both in the "Layout View" and is placed correctly in the EM extraction?

I've attached my LPF in case its useful. In the post above, "layer1" means Cu_1, and so-on. Let me know if there is anything else you might need to help troubleshoot.

Thank you for your help!


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