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ERROR while creating a verliog file on cadence virtuoso

Hello, while creating a verilog file in a cellview, the editor doesnt start and I get the following error:

ERROR (LMF-02005): License call failed for feature Virtuoso_Schematic_Editor_L, version 6.180 and quantity 1. The license server search path is defined as 5280@ The FLEXnet error message is as follows, FLEXnet ERROR(-5, 0, 0): No such feature exists. Run 'lic_error LMF-02005' for more information..

ERROR (ELI-00111) Failed to check out license 'Virtuoso_Schematic_Editor_L'.

 It shouldnt even be calling Schematic L in the first place as I want to use test editor:

When I restart vrituoso, it works sometimes, but when i shut it down and try again, same error appears.

Other client PCs in the same Lab accessing the same server with same setting are not facing this issue.

Kindly if someone could help me i will be grateful

  • The Verilog text editor does require a Schematic license - it does more than just open a simple text editor - it has syntax highlighting, extracts connectivity so that a symbol can be created, and a few other pieces. It seems likely you have a problem with your license server setup - the error is clearly saying that you don't have access to a schematic editor license...


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