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I posted an item years ago about PSPICE and now I just get spam (Several today).  But when I logged in it created a new account. Maybe because it was years since I posted.  So I know have a zombie account on this site spamming me.  Can some one explain how I fix that.? I'd be happy to delete the account.

  • Where is the post you're talking about? Are these spam posts coming from the forums or somewhere else? You've not given a great deal of info to go on - most likely I'll need to ask the Cadence IT team that looks after the forum infrastructure to investigate, but I could do with some pointers as to where to start (the post should give a clue about your original account too).


  • Thanks for taking an interest.  The email is from  If I follow the link it takes me to the pspice forums.  URL

    I am the original poster back 6 years ago.

    Tbe emails I get are alerts to new replies and the spam replies are there in the forum.  I signed into that site with the same email address and it seemed to accept my password but also create a new account so I cant change email preferences or unsubscribe from the post.

  • OK, that appears to be a different forum system (sorry, I'm not really involved in PSpice - I'm a moderator and AE on the Custom IC (Virtuoso/Spectre) side of the Cadence product portfolio) and it looks as if we're migrating across to the forums instead.

    On these forums we've actually done a lot of work to try to cut down spam (including putting posts with most URLs in into moderation, which is what happened with your post - we even have the pspice dot com domain caught this way - I'll get that fixed). This has tended to weed out most of the link-spam in the new forums. 

    I'll ask to see whether you can unsubscribe from the old Pspice forums.


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