I am trying to manipulate the parameters of a single instance of an array (I1<1024:1>). The instances contain a simple RC network and a current source modelling a rather complex circuit. All the instances are connected in series using a bus-notation. Now I need to add a unique delay to every single one of the current sources in order to simulate a propagating signal through this chain of instances.

My idea was to use a skill function to deduce the number of the instance and use it as a multiplier for a constant delay and add it as a parameter of the internal current source. This way all 1024 instances should have a unique delay that is a function of its instance number.

I am fairly new to Skill and seem to be stuck..I managed to access a single instance using ilInst~>name but this returns me the complete name i.e. I1<x>. That's about as far as I came..

Does anyone have experience with this kind of problem or any hints that might help?