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Spectre 16775 Warning


While running reliability analysis for UMC90nm i am getting the following warning message. 

Warning SPECTRE 16775: Cannot run the aged model because one or more 'gradual_aging_alter' statements have been specified in the reliability block but the aged devices are either not specified or the age values of the all devices are less than the minage value.......

Please help to sort out this issue


Deepa Mohan 

  • Deepa,

    The most likely scenario here is that you're not pointing at reliability/aging models. Have you definitely got models from the foundry that supporting ageing?



  • Thank you for your response. I tried to adopt the aging model of GPDK45nm. Can u help me out to locate the ageing models from Foundry?

  • I realised this post was in the Feedback, Suggestions and Questions forum which is not for technical questions but for issues related to the forums themselves, so I moved it into an appropriate forum.

    The gpdk045 PDK (I checked v6.0) doesn't contain aging models, so not sure how you would "adopt" the aging models of gpdk45. There are some in the rapid adoption kit on reliability analysis, but either way it makes no sense to taking aging models from one technology (especially an artificial one like gpdk045) and use them with a different technology. What would be the point? It would be completely fictional - you would not be able to draw any conclusions as to how your designs degrade in practice.

    You will need to contact the foundry. I don't know whether the models are available for the specific technology you're using, but I can't provide them to you anyway since they are the foundry's IP.



  • Thanks for your explanation and i will try to contact the foundry for further details.

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