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Locating a result value from montecarlo run table in Cadence Virtuoso


I am using Cadence Virtuoso version IC6.1.8-64b.500.6,

1. I have run the Montecarlo of my designed amplifier over 200 samples plus voltage and temperature range, hence the table results are very big,

From my result yield I can see my worst results, for example, minimum GBW = 10 MHz, and I am interested on locating this corner while it is difficult to search for it manually, 

is there any useful function that I can use for such a search?

2. and after I found it, how can I bring this corner to my corner setup so I can run optimization over it.

Thank you

Best Regards

  • Assuming you're using Explorer or Assembler, you can pick the Detail Transpose view and then sort on any column, filter on any column. If you've plotted a histogram of the measurement, you can click on the points in the histogram to cross-select the row in the results table too.

    You can create a statistical corner of that point using the right mouse button over the row in the results.


  • Thank you, Andrew,

    That answered my question perfectly.

    Best Regards